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250ml of pure herb, vegetable and fruit ENERGY TONIC. Designed to increase IRON and really increases energy. Used in pregnancy and breastfeeding, is gentle and non-constipating. Contains carrots, spinach, nettles, fennel, hibiscus etc. View Details >


All purpose soothing gel. For children and adults. Can be used for emotional shocks esp after accidents and can be used on the temples, ears or wrists and of course anywhere there has been a cut, bruise, sprain, ulcer, prickly heat or other itches, post exercise, aching legs, stings and burns - ... View Details >

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is used not only as a face and body mask for acne but also used as a detox method by drinking the water but please see your herbalist before you do this as there are contraindications. Clay contains many minerals so nourishes the skin at the same time as drawing out impurities. Just... View Details >

Catarrh / Sinus Tea

The most popular tea in the shop with an amazing aroma thanks to the eucalyptus, mint, ginger & elderflower. Sold per 25g. You can also use this for colds and flu. View Details >

Weight Balance

Weight Balance caps by Pukka (organic) - a blend of spirulina, seagreens, bitter melon, fenugreek, ginger, green tea View Details >

Oreganol by Tigon

8ml dropper bottle of powerful wild oregano oil in virgin olive oil. May be used for a wide variety of skin conditions. Drink 2 drops in water daily or use Topically. May also be gargled. View Details >

Milk thistle capsules

54 Vegicaps containing 325mg milk thistle from Specialist Herbal Supplies. Also available from Viridian. View Details >

Women's tea

May help with cooling the body with a mix of sage, verbena, borage and many more. Sold per 50g. Make a tea as normal BUT DRINK IT COLD! View Details >

Geranium and Orange Organic Soap

Neals Yard Remedies best selling soap because of its happy, uplifting, delightful smell. Suitable for sensitive skins View Details >

Calendula Soap

Weleda - Organic and biodynamic Calendula suitable for babies (from birth onwards) and people with sensitive skin, eczema or dry skin. Especially good for scars or damaged skin with soothing extracts of chamomile also. The base vegetable oils protect and nourish the skin as opposed to the drying e... View Details >

Prostate Complex - Biocare

60 Vegicaps Contains celery, zinc, Vitamin A, L-Glycine, phytosterol and more. This is a formula which may help prostate conditions. View Details >

Napiers Cough & Chest Syrup - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

150ml A traditional remedy of squill, lobelia, pleurisy root, senega, horehound, capsicum THR License View Details >

Cineraria eye drops

Homeopathic eyedrops by Dr Reckeweg View Details >

Lavera Sunscreen SPF 20 SPRAY

Sun 20 SPF Sun screen. This is approved under the new EU regulations for sunscreens whereby there has to be a 1:3 UVA:UVB ratio. With organic olive oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil, beta carotene, glycerine, medium sun protection for allergic skin, 100% mineral-based, effective immediatel... View Details >


Mixed herbs for roll-ups. Considered a 'non-pot' blend, secret recipe. View Details >


1 oz (25g) - May be useful for all digestive problems. Meadowsweet may be a useful addition for joint mixes because of its pain-killing quality (salicylates). The leaves and flowers are used and the flowers smell sweet. View Details >

Viridian Sports Multi

Viridian Sports Multi For sports men and women. Specially designed for those in training as it contains extra amino acids - protein building blocks essential for building muscle. Also contains CoQ10. 60 Vegetarian Capsules. Suitable for vegans. View Details >

Hopi Ear Candles

Biosun pair of candles made with beeswax & linseed. The only medically approved ear candles. Comes with instructions for use. Takes 12-13 minutes each ear candle. Not recommended if perforated eardrum is present or in allergies to beeswax or in acute ear infection.... View Details >
£9.10 (Pair)

Dr Bronner's Rose Bodywash/shampoo

Organic 18 uses in 1 bottle! from USA - an old formula of gentle saponified olive & coconut oils. NO SOAP. View Details >

White Camelia & Jasmine Soap

Divine smelling Organic 135g bar from Aubrey (USA). A moisturizing soap containing palm, water, coconut fatty acids with sensual jasmine oil and white camelia oil. White camelia is called "tsubaki" in Japan and is a symbol of beauty. Hand harvested in small villages in Japan. View Details >

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