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Logona Hair Colours

100% botanical! Free of aggressive chemicals and therefore does not harm the hair structure. Made with henna, walnut, beetroot, coffee, hibiscus, rhubarb, curcuma, buckthorn, indigo, wheat protein, algin and jojoba. The colour combines with your own hair colour which makes a slightly unpredictabl...
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Logona Chestnut Brown Hair Colour

A popular Organic hair dye made totally (100%) from plants that colour AND condition (ie no chemicals or preservatives). It penetrates only the outer layer of the hair shaft so your own hair colour will shine through this colour layer. This is perfect for those who have had chemo and need to stay...
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Logona Brown Umber Hair Colour

This Organic Herbal Hair Colour/Conditioner is the most popular of all the Logona Hair Colours. Customers say its the best hair colour they've ever used. Made 100% with plants like algin, wheat protein & jojoba for conditioning and colours of henna, coffee, powdered walnut shells, indigo, rhat...
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