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Oreganol by Tigon

8ml dropper bottle of powerful wild oregano oil in virgin olive oil. May be used for a wide variety of skin conditions. Drink 2 drops in water daily or use Topically. May also be gargled.
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250ml of pure herb, vegetable and fruit ENERGY TONIC. Designed to increase IRON and really increases energy. Used in pregnancy and breastfeeding, is gentle and non-constipating. Contains carrots, spinach, nettles, fennel, hibiscus etc.
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Napiers Joint Ability Herbal Remedy, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

A traditional blend of willow, yarrow, black cohosh and blue cohosh. THR licensed 150ml
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Napiers Cough & Chest Syrup - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

150ml A traditional remedy of squill, lobelia, pleurisy root, senega, horehound, capsicum THR License
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Napiers Skin Remedy

A traditional remedy containing queens delight, red clover, burdock and sarsaparilla 150ml THR LICENSED
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