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"Voice Confidence" Findhorn Flower Essence

Findhorn Flower Essences are drops put under the tongue 3 x daily. Made from flowers grown in the purity of the highlands of Scotland. Flower Remedies are our helpers in times of crisis for emotional harmony or when we just want to enhance our specific qualities like this aid to speaking, radiate ...
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Emergency Essence - Australian Bush Flower essence

7 drops in water as often as needed for panic attacks and stress management.
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"Seasonal Affections" Findhorn Flower Essence

Findhorn Flower Essences are drops put under the tongue to lift the mood (for "sunshine in the soul") 3 x daily. Made using flowers from the highlands of Scotland with water from sacred healing wells and prepared by the sun-infusion inspired by Dr. Edward Bach.They are gentle and safe and therefore ...
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Rescue Remedy/Five flower essence

10ml dropper bottle of Rescue remedy by Healing Herbs. Add 2 drops to water and sip several times a day or as needed.
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Flower Formula 5

Phytobiophysics - 150 pillules, suck 1 tablet 3 x daily Flower Formula 5 is for the immune system, the teeth and the mouth and aids the assimilation of anti-oxidants. Contains elderflower, black nightshade, maritime campion, rosemary. I have the whole range including the Tree Fo...
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